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Whether you're looking to add an additional revenue stream to your freelance business or consulting firm, partnering with Cypress Learning Solutions as an Affiliate is a great option!

Earn up to 15% in referral fees for Bootcamps, Private Workshops & QuickStarts:

  • 2-Day Salesforce End User Fundamentals
  • 3-Day Salesforce Admin Bootcamp
  • 2-Day Pardot Admin Bootcamp
  • Private Workshops
  • Salesforce/Pardot/HVS/FSL QuickStarts

Cypress Learning Solutions is a Registered Salesforce Partner.

Customer Testimonials

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"Being able to add Cypress courses to my list of training courses has been tremendous.  My earnings have increased and the feedback from participants has been very positive!" - Meagan Anderson, Virtual Training Coordinator, Training-Force

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"Our Partnership with Cypress has allowed our business to tap into a new revenue stream without needing to put in the time and resources to developing an entirely new product line.  As an affiliate, we are paid promptly and have been able to use the additional revenue to scale our business." - Ivana Turner, Marketing Manager, Abstract Digital

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Also referred to as Public Training, these courses take place over the course of 2-3 days and led by a Certified instructor.

Private Workshops

Private sessions with a Certified instructor designed to be more personal and custom tailored to a business.


Similar to Private sessions, our guided QuickStarts are an outlined learning path designed for companies that have recently purchased Salesforce or one of our supported Salesforce products.